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Energy Consulting Services

Energy Investments


ENF provides solutions regarding Hydroelectric Power Plant, Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant, Coal Plant, Wind and Solar Power Plant Investments in the following topics;

Preliminary Assessment & Due Diligence

In preliminary assessment of energy investment projects, all aspects of the project is analysed in detail. Location, resource-fuel determination, financial data, efficiency, operating and investment costs, technology, risks of the Project are considered to evaluate the feasibility of the project investment status.

Conceptual Design

There are various technologies and construction methods in energy investment projects. In conceptual design, the system is designed to create the highest added value by examining & optimizing various technical and financial variables applicable to your project.

Owner’s Engineering

During the investment phase of the project, physical and financial progress is continuously audited by ENF via routine site visits which are carried out on behalf of your company. Status of the project, deviations from the time schedule, technical and financial risks are reported through progress reports after site visits.

Project Management

Following courses of your project are managed on behalf of your company in order to have your investment on commercial operation within expected efficiency, time and budget.

  • Budget and Cost Control Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Corporate Relations & Correspondences
  • Technical Office Management 

Contract and Procurement Management

For the purpose of executing procurement activities of your investment within time schedule and under best commercial terms, purchasing and contracting procedures are conducted by ENF. In these processes; 


  • “Procurement Plan” is prepared by determining respective procurements in detail. 


  • Market research and technical competence are carried out before the tender. 


  • Procurement specifications are prepared. 


  • "Proposal Evaluation Reports" are prepared by examining the proposals in legal, technical and commercial aspects. 


  • Draft contract is prepared. 


  • Technical and legal opinions are submitted to client by attending contract negotiations.



Budget and Cost Control Management & Planning

The most accurate and efficient use of financial resources is one of the most important factor in ensuring the success of investment projects. ENF provides following services to your project in order to ensure above. 


  • Preparation of “Budget Plan” for the period between project inception to commercial operation of the plant, 


  • Follow-up of Project Budget by assignment of ‘’Cost Codes’’ for expenditures to be made for the Project, 


  • Determination of cost control process required for continuous and effective implementation of Cost Control during investment period, 


  • Preparation of cash flow and income-expenditure projections, 


  • Preparation of “Cost Control Reports” where deviations from budget and risks are scrutinized with routine site visits and meetings,



Schedule Management

The timely completion of the investment is another primary criteria in ensuring the success of the energy projects. Following services are offered by ENF for the most accurate and effective implementation of schedule management. 


  • Preparation of “Project Time Schedule” in required detail ,


  • Continuous follow-up of Time Schedule by routine site visits and meetings ,


  • Preparation of “Time Schedule Progress Reports” where deviations from the Time Schedule and risks from technical and financial aspects are evaluated in detail.